Restaurant il Ponte is located near the wooden bridge in Trogir, after it got its name, as il Ponte in Italians means bridge.

From the restaurant you have a view over the wooden bridge, the sea and the old town (in the foreground the tower of St. Mark) which is under the protection of UNESCO, as well as the entire city of Trogir.

The restaurant has an internal main hall, an outdoor glazed terrace overlooking the sea and the old town and summer terrace while some of the seats are below sea level, along with many Croatian wine labels.


Stjepan Vukadin

“Born in 1993., he fell in love with the kitchen and everything related to it early on. As he had more than one love at first didn't go for gastronomy but instead at the age 14 went to the seminary to become a priest. As we all know God makes other plans so he eventually ended up on another path, in a world he loves and feels in it like a "fish in the water". He pays great attention to fresh fish, local ingredients and is always in search for a new inspiration.”

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Marijana Ševo

“Marijana spent almost half of her life working in hospitality. Through the years she became
connoisseur of food and wine and most important - people. In her middle thirties she started managing our luxury rooms and restaurant's personnel. She will always give you a great welcome with her smile and kindness.”


Valentino Žalac

“Born in Zagreb in 1993., Valentino begin his chapter in pastries and his love for sweets in high school.
Knowledge flows by studying with famous chef's from France and Italy (Naser Gashi, Elisa Volanti, Gabriele Rinaudo). After that experience he begins to cultivate the French type of patisserie.
He enjoys creating new desserts, and pays special attention to unusual flavors and the creation of some new "dimensions".
What fills him is the smile of his guests after tasting his dessert.”